Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Are you looking to complete some learning disabilities training? This qualification aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of issues related to different types of learning disabilities and how these affect individuals in their daily lives. By studying this course, you will cover a range of topics, including safeguarding and personalisation in social care.

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Unit 1: Understand the context of supporting individuals with learning disabilities

In this unit you will contextualise the support provided to individuals with learning disabilities, including gaining an understanding of inclusion, advocacy and empowerment. You will also consider the causes, nature and characteristics of learning disabilities.

Unit 2: Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

Within this unit you will discover how to recognise signs of abuse and understand how to respond to a situation of alleged or suspected abuse. You will also look into ways to reduce the likelihood of abuse and how to report unsafe practices.

Unit 3: Introduction to personalisation in social care

In this unit you will consider the importance of adopting a personalised approach to care when supporting individuals with learning disabilities, as well as looking at the systems currently in place which encourage personalisation.

Unit 4: Principles of positive risk-taking for individuals with disabilities

Within this unit you will gain an understanding of the importance of using positive, person-centred risk assessment to support individuals with decisions about risk-taking. This unit also explores the ways in which support can be given to manage identified risks.

Unit 5: Introductory awareness of autistic spectrum conditions

In this unit you will focus on Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASCs) and the different experiences of individuals living with an ASC. You will consider person-centred ways of supporting individuals who have an ASC, including the different systems which can be used to enable communication.

Unit 6: Principles of supporting individuals with a learning disability to access healthcare

Within this unit you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the roles of different professionals working with individuals with learning disabilities in healthcare services. This unit also covers how healthcare plans and health checks underpin long-term health and well-being and explores issues that individuals may face when accessing healthcare services.

Key Information

Course Length 8-12 weeks
average course length
Awarding Body TQUK
Course Level Level 2
Learning Method(s)

Paper based
learning materials
with online assessment

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Most recent customer reviews

Alexandra Balan

3 months ago

"I learned a lot of new things in a relatively short space of time."

Alexandra decided to study this course to understand and learn more about what working with individuals with learning difficulties is like. Since completing the course, Alexandra has learned more about the different legislation as well as what procedures should be used for safeguarding.

'Wanted to study in more depth what working with individuals with learning difficulties implies.'
'I learned about the legislation used to protect the rights of individuals with learning disabilities, what procedures should be used for a safeguarding and how important personalisation in care is for an optimal and effective approach.'
'I learned a lot of new things in a relatively short space of time, I had all the helpful materials I needed and all the support from my tutors. They always gave me that little bit of extra information and time to be able to finish all my units! Very grateful for this opportunity!'

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